Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extraordinary Photos... Truly Amazing!!!

The world's highest chained carousel, located in Vienna ,   at a   height of 117 meters.

Thor's Well a/k/a   "the gates of the dungeon"   on   Cape   Perpetua ,  Oregon .   At moderate tide and strong surf, flowing water creates a fantastic landscape

Emerald Lake in the crater of an extinct volcano. Tongariro   National Park - NewZealand

Restaurant on a cliff on the east coast of Zanzibar .
Depending on the tide the restaurant can be reached both on foot and by boat.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Balik Tanaw 2011

Another year has ended. Dahil every new year ko din naman ginagawa ang mag-reminisce, I'll start na... No more wordy introductions... hehehe

Year 2011 was a hmmm... another awesome year for me. Daming nangyari, naging super busy sa paggawa ng mga walang kwentang bagay, maraming napagkagastusan, maraming pagkaing nalamon. (what's new sa mga nabanggit?... ahahaha, eh parang part of my daily life na yun mga yun...)

2011 can also be considered as a challenging year for me, wherein I have given too much attention on some stuffs that requires a BIG decision-making in life. It's too hard to risk something when it comes to decision-making,.. and I know that I have never regretted those decisions I've done so far. I wish I could have been stronger and braver enough last year (2010) as well. ^__^

Career wise, I've decided to quit my previous employer hoping that i could find a better one. I've served them for 2 years but it came to the point wherein I need to be more productive and I need to follow my what my heart says - to leave; and so I did... I have done it, but still,.. hmmm... something is not right as of now (I think this year 2012 will require me again to decide to leave them again... ahahah)...

Enough of career rants... 

Personally, year 2011 has taught me a lot. It did teach me how to be more responsible in life... how to face bigger problems and helped me to decide again on my own. It showed me how beautiful life is, it reminded me how many real friends I have, and told me who to TRUST,.. who to LOVE.. and who to FORGET...

I have to admit that I've made a biggest mistake in life (ung iba pwedeng magtaas ng kilay at sabihin sakin na ang tanga ko), and yeah, go a head!.. I've became so stupid. I admit it. At some point, I'm still an immature person,.. and that mistake was, when your special someone suddenly left you alone without any "but" and "why's"... Anywiez, I've even put that story into junk. I've already moved on and happy for what I have now. And I promise to myself this 2012 that I'm gonna take the RIGHT path for me...

Enough of this topic... ahahaha

Another thing that brought up my attention was my hobby for taking pictures of me, with my friends and with my family while eating together... I just love to document all those moments and for that, I've tried different foods, and that is the reason why my mom told me I'm getting FAT daw?! ahahaha... also the reason why I can't even save for my own kasi masarap kumain eh! ahahaha... I just can't resist.

Enough again...

Some extraordinary things na nagawa ko naman this year 2011, was my experience to go Baguio with my kuya. Ako na first time sa baguio sa tanda kong ito. ahaha... And I will never ever forget that moment... Another thing was ung desisiyon kong makipag-participate sa isang dance presentation recently lang sa xmas party namin... Tinamad lang ako magtrabahao nun kaya I've decided na maki-join na lang. Besides, I've met new colleagues and had fun socializing with them... And last siguro ung time na I have decided to have my left ear pierced. Wala lang, dagdag bling-bling. ahahaha... Para di ako pagkamalang estudyante lagi... ^__^


New Year's Resolution

Same old stuffs. Same old story and same old .... yun na un. =)

Madami akong plano this coming Year of the Dragon (2012). First, gusto kong magkaron ng madaming madaming madaming pera! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! (sino ang ayaw ng pera? wag maging plastik, luma na yan...)

at paano naman ako magkakapera?... 

syempre hahanap ng magiging source ng pera. There are lot of ways how to earn and to save money. And this time, yeah, I PROMISE na I'll save money na for me. (para na din sa mga luho ko yun =))

Speaking of luho, Im not gonna spend much for those luho. Siguro I'll be choosy na and be more practical kung ano ba talagang luho ang kelangan ko... Unlike in previous years kasi, kung ano maisipan ko, nakukuha ko... This time, I need to weigh things as soon as possible. I will make sure na kung gagastos man ako sa ibang bagay, it will benefit me a lot. hindi ung basta-basta lang... Pero syempre I'm not removing the idea of giving myself a reward (parang ang gulo noh? ahahaha... basta, ako na nakakaalam nun). Basta, tipid-tipid at ipon-ipon na ako this year. hehe ^__^

I want to go to other places. Nalibot ko na ang ilang major malls sa metro manila, so I wanna go farther than that. OUt of town siguro kung pwede. Considered naman out of town ang Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal dba?... ahaha.. kalapit lang kasi ng metro manila. Muntangang idea lang! ^__^

Pero seriously, yes, I want to travel... Last 2011, pinakamalayo ko lng napuntahan ay Baguio (kasama pa si kuya nun). Now, gusto ko mas malayo pa dun. Pwedeng local lang muna (ang hirap kasi mag-ipon eh. toinks!). 

Next, in terms of my personal aspects naman, no need to change my attitude. Kung suplado ako minsan, edi suplado... kung sira-ulo ako, edi sira ulo. Kung tanga, well, nagtatanga-tangahan lang din naman ako nun.. Ano ako, tanga?! ahahaha.

This is my personality. There are people naman who liked me as me. I've never asked them to like me, and never forced them to  befriend me. So it was their choice, and this is my choice. Kanya-kanya lang yan. Kung ano ka, yun ka... kung ano ako, eto ako! Prangkahan lang yan. Walang mangyayari sa buhay mo kung tatahimik ka lang at magpapa-alipin sa iba. matuto kang lumaban. Masarap kaya ang feeling kontrabida. At may pagkakataon na ikaw ay tatawagin na isang BIDANG-KONTRABIDA!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA... (remember, walang kwenta ang isang blockbuster movie kung walang kontrabida. LOL)

Ano pa ba? Lovelife?! tangnang lovelife yan! nevermind... lol. Basta, masaya pa ako ngayon. Ok na yung humarot ako paminsan minsan... ok din naman ung feeling ng may humaharot at hinaharot ka. ahahaha... 

Career wise, minsan, ahmm... tinamad na ako... ipopost ko na ito. hehe.. Dito na nagtatapos. 

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