Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Junior Super Show 2 in Manila last April 10, 2010

Super Junior Super Show 2 Manila concert held at the Araneta Coliseum last April 10. I can still recall what had happened that time. The excitement... the thrill...  the memories of the concert is still fresh untill now. I can still describe and imagine the whole concert scene even if my eyes are closed (or open lols). I can still hear the yelling of the crowd... the setup of the stage... the lightings... the pyrotechnics... the songs... the suju members... and a lot more. Everyhing that has something to do with the super show 2 concert was definitely unbelievable. It was totally perfect and all worth it. It's what we called "dream came true"...

Spending Php 6,870 pesos for the upper box ticket was a decision that I cant even regret. It was the second to the most expensive ticket, so that was fine with me. I was not able to see them as close as those VIP's, but seeing them performing as "one group" is enough for me. Even those who are on the farthest part (general admission) said that it was all worth it because we were all enjoyed that one night and 3 hours full of excitement and happiness.

April 10, 2010. I went to Araneta around 3:30pm. The gates opened at past 5pm. As my FX taxi reached Araneta, there were huge crowd already. Some of them had their overnight before the concert and waited for the much awaited performace. The FX driver asked me if there was an event in Araneta. I said yes, and I gave him a hint to come back around after 10pm so that he could carry those people who will going to go home from Araneta to Novaliches with his FX taxi... and I laughed. lols.

Back to the concert. I went there around 3:30pm. I saw people who were all excited like me. Our happiness was doubled when the gates were finally opened and we went inside... i looked for my seat number. After having a seat, I said to my self "WOW!! What a huge stage". The stage was awesome and perfect. It was the biggest stage ever built inside Araneta Coliseum. The stage covered the whole area of the basketball court and that's the reason why you can still enjoy the concert even if you are at the farthesr part of the venue.

I took a picture of the venue of course. There were rumors that cameras are not allowed inside, but I still brought my newly bought digicam (we bought a digicam just for this concert). Lights were off at exactly or past 7pm. The crowd yelled a lot. Many were jumping for the excitement and me, I cant explain my feelings that time. I'm nervous. hahahahaha!!!

Finally they have started to perform. Fans are still yelling. Im still shaking for the excitement that's why the videos that I've taken were shaking like theres an earthquake. lols... but I was able to calm down because I was tired already holding the camera. 

I went to concert alone. Yes I'm alone but I've met some friends on the concert. I'm not going to discuss the whole sequence and what had happened on every songs. It was already described and featured by the other fangirls and fanboys out there. I've read a lot of them and the moment that I'm reading it, it still reminds me of the whole concert.

April 10 was a totally unforgettable history here in the Philippines and also for those ELF's, fangirls, and fanboys who support super junior. I'm looking forward for their 3rd asia tour on Feb 2011.

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