Monday, July 11, 2011

Korean Food-trip

This happened July 10, 2011 when my ex-teamates (from my previous employer) and me decided to have a reunion. Unfortunately, we're only 4 available at that time. The rest were busy and of course, cant make it because they have work.. 

We've decided to try SEOUL GARDEN in SM ANNEX, NORTH EDSA. An eat-all-you-can Korean Restaurant. The food was amazing and so good. Plus the fact that we've enjoyed a lot cooking those meats, veggies, fish, together... That was an amazing cooking-and-dining experience I've ever had so far... And also while eating together, I enjoyed myself listening to the background KPOP music all over the reataurant! so love it! ahaha 

These are my ex-teamates. (the one in yellow shirt is me. dont mind the looks,.. just mind the foods! ahaha)

tables inside the Seoul Garden...

Different marinated and mixed meats...

Different kinds of seafoods.. fresh and raw fish fillets, squids and other fishes.

meats again... meats meats meats!!!

our soup with ginseng, veggies, tofu and squid balls.

meats again, prawns, hotdogs

squid balls, fish balls, crab balls, and other kinds of balls! wahahaha

My most favorite of all time. I've taken 5 scoops of different flavored ice cream topped with sprinkles, mallows and pinipig... And then I saw those sweetened banana with syrup in other dessert's section, so i decided to add and top it on my ice cream. Result??? SO DELICIOUS!!! you could have eaten more! (but sadly, I'm already full that time.. =( ). There is always a next time though! ahahah. There were also some fresh fruits and all ingredients of halo-halo were there too. You just need to decide what to choose, besides, it's EAT ALL YOU CAN!!! 

I know now how to cook. aahhah. The experience of cooking those foods was awesome!

picture picture!!!

and to end this post, our bill was Php 2,676.00. woah... Enjoy eating! Kamsahamnida!!

You might need to check this out. This is Seoul Garden's website.


Bino said...

parang california maki ung isa. heheheh

Leonrap said...

nagtataka nga ako bkit may ganun dun eh.. eh dba japanese food yun?.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

hindi pa ako nakakakain ng korean foods hehe! pwede kaya kaming poor jan? hehe!

Leonrap said...

mommy - masarap!!!
kung ako pwede mommy eh.. pwede lahat!

tabian said...

yum yum!

pero nakakalito bat may california maki? diba japanese yown? hehehe

fusion ba itey?

oi pagbabalik na rin ba itey? :)

Diamond R said...

kumusta na masayadong busy

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