Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shalani on TV5

Kahapon sa show ni Willie sa TV5, totoo nga pala ang rumored co-host nya na si Shalani. Akala ko rumor lang talaga pero she was there hosting it live. Nakakapagtaka lang kasi, ang taong walang background sa showbiz ay biglang naging host ng isang game show. Ang tao din na inakala ng marami ng parang mahiyain ay pinipilit na mai-adopt ang kanyang sarili sa sigawan at happiness ng crowd na tagasuporta ng nasabing show. Me, personally, I am not a fan or I haven't even watched the show. It was just so surprisingly, my family watched it yesterday just to see if the rumor is true... and yes it was.

Syempre sa una, halatang nangangapa pa si Shalani sa hosting nya. The way she talks and speaks is not really for a hosting-type compared to those co-hosted the show before - Mariel, Pokwang and Valerie. It was like for me, I guess, it could have been compared similar to "wish ko lang" and alike. No offense to her but that's the field wherein she can share her capability as a public and community figure.

Another thing I've noticed on the way she delivered the questions is like she is doing a "quiz bee" type of questioning. Masyadong formal. Sabagay, kagalang-galang naman sya at napaka formal. But it is a game and fun show though, so I think and I hope she could have build more confidence and could have improved more on hosting. It was just her first day anyway. More power to you Shalani and for the show! ^^,

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