Sunday, January 2, 2011


My first blog for this year. And this blog entry is all about my collections - as in KPOP collections. ahahaha... Bakit? wala lang. Wala akong maisip na topic eh. I am doing this just to have a sort of inventory of those kpop items that I've collected so far... In my 1 year and 3 months of collecting KPOP CD's, Ive spent Php 12,280 for the CD's only, excluding the SS2 and SS3 concert ticket I've purchased (PHP 6870 each), a TOTAL of almost PHP 26,020... And I can't even believe that I can save money as big as that in just a year and 3 months. So imagine, I could have bought a laptop if I was not engaged to it. ahahah. But no regrets, I am so, so happy with it!  ^^,

I started collecting Kpop items around September 2009. Naalala ko pa, right after Bagyong Ondoy, magulo pa ang bahay namin kasi nabaha kami. Pero the very FIRST KPOP CD that I've bought is SUPER JUNIOR SORRY SORRY ALBUM. Although, it's just a Philippine version album, that was memorable because that was my first CD.

Hindi na bago sa akin ang KPOP. Although I started collecting it by the year 2009, I was engaged to KPOP a long time ago - since I was in my 2nd year of my studies in college - year 2006. Tama, 2006 pa. How did it start??? Ganito yun....

***<< FLASHBACK - YEAR 2006 >>***
Tambay kami ng mga barkada ko sa mall after school. (Malapit lang eh) We've decided to play the dance arcade sa World Of Fun. The name of that dance arcade is PUMP IT UP (or PUI for short). It's almost similar to DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION (DDR) and SUPERNOVA, but instead of 4 arrows, PIU has 5 arrows. And unlike with DDR wherein some songs are in JPOP, PIU originated in KOREA and what would you expect - all songs are KPOP. So that was the story behind my KPOP fandom. And until now, I still know how to play PIU (pero very rare na lang, hinihingal na kasi ako agad. ahahaha).
***<< END OF FLASHBACK >>***

Going back. Speaking of other country's culture, may mga classmates and friends din akong nahilig sa JPOP and ANIME. So naimpluwensyahan din nila ako ng "konting" Jpop. But as years passed by, I am more into KPOP nowadays rather than JPOP.

I had my 2nd CD, and that was SNSD GENIE mini album. Yun ang dalawang CD na-released dito sa Pinas na halos magkasabay ng Super Junior. Tapos, unti-unti ng dumami. KPOP is known now as a "phenomenal culture" that influenced some Filipinos. Many KPOP artists were introduced. Many Filipino fans became addicted to it, idolized them, and even imitating them, copying their style and choice of music. We can’t really deny the influence of KPOP here.

Here are the list of my CD collections. These are only my "biases", although I know many kpop artists, but these are only my biases.

Korean Version:
*2ne1 - To Anyone
*G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
*Wonder Girls - Nobody
*BigBang – Wonderful

Philippine version:
*2NE1 - First Mini Album
*4Minute - Huh
*4Minute - For Muzik
*Super Junior - Bonamana (ver A, B, C)
*Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
*Super Junior - Dont' Don
*Super Junior - Super show 2 (audio)
*Super Junior M - Super Girl
*BigBang - Gara Gara Go
*Rain - Rainism (5th album)
*Rain - Back into the Basic
*SNSD - Run Devil Run
*SNSD - Gee (mini album)
*SNSD - Genie (mini album)
*TVXQ - 3rd Asia Tour (audio)

*Utada Hikaru - Distance
*BoA - Identity

So this 2011, I'm looking forward for another year of collecting these stuffs. In fact, madami pang naka-line up na dapat kong bilhin. ahahaha.


delightfullness said...

skin nagsimula ang lahat sa youtube...
kay boa at lee hyori...
pati sayaw nila ginaya ko na din
tapos napunta na sa iba iba
hndi pako makabili ng cd nila kc
wla pa sa budget ko yan
kya super download ako ng kanta nila..
mlamang kung may trabaho at sweldo nko...
bka maubos lahat ng pinaghirapan ko
sa cd albums din...hahahaha
pero may fullfillments nmn diba....?

Leonrap said...

may song si BOA sa PIU. Valenti ung song.
kaya aun, naadik na ako....
cguro nga kung magkakawork ka na din, dun mo sila mabibili... antay ka lang, di ka mauubusan, hehe

Fulfillments?? madami.
di ko nga lang maexplain, dahil maraming di makakarelate... pero MADAMI....

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